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women's cold weather accessories

  • night at the nutcracker cape quick view

    night at the nutcracker cape


  • time to twinkle scarf quick view

    time to twinkle scarf


  • extra frosting beanie quick view

    extra frosting beanie


  • fall fluff beanie quick view

    fall fluff beanie


  • winter reversible kimono quick view

    winter reversible kimono


  • pearl embellished gloves quick view

    pearl embellished gloves


  • easy does it sweater quick view

    easy does it sweater


  • embellished bow head wrap quick view

    embellished bow head wrap


  • you`re the pom beanie quick view

    you`re the pom beanie


  • puffer kimono quick view

    puffer kimono


  • northern lights kimono quick view

    northern lights kimono


  • olive garnish kimono quick view

    olive garnish kimono


  • checking the weather scarf quick view

    checking the weather scarf


  • colorblock stitch scarf quick view

    colorblock stitch scarf


  • neutral zebra scarf quick view

    neutral zebra scarf


  • home fur the holidays scarf quick view

    home fur the holidays scarf


  • crocheted shine oblong scarf quick view

    crocheted shine oblong scarf


  • faux leather bow gloves quick view

    faux leather bow gloves


  • latte love poncho quick view

    latte love poncho


  • fur trim leather gloves quick view

    fur trim leather gloves


  • orange you cozy beanie quick view

    orange you cozy beanie


  • suede gloves quick view

    suede gloves


  • pumpkin spice oblong scarf quick view

    pumpkin spice oblong scarf

    $17.99 $12.99

  • cozy fur the holidays poncho quick view

    cozy fur the holidays poncho


  • snow angels pom beanie quick view

    snow angels pom beanie


  • warm and spicy scarf quick view

    warm and spicy scarf

    $17.99 $12.99

  • velvet gloves quick view

    velvet gloves


  • chevron kimono sweater quick view

    chevron kimono sweater


  • bling it over poncho quick view

    bling it over poncho


  • city sidewalks wrap quick view

    city sidewalks wrap


  • finishing touches faux fur cowl quick view

    finishing touches faux fur cowl

    $19.99 $9.99

  • faux fur wrap quick view

    faux fur wrap


  • pearl oblong scarf quick view

    pearl oblong scarf


  • a bit chilly scarf quick view

    a bit chilly scarf

    $17.99 $12.99

  • mountain retreat kimono quick view

    mountain retreat kimono


  • don`t stop believing cozy socks quick view

    don`t stop believing cozy socks


  • vanilla latte scarf quick view

    vanilla latte scarf


  • fancy fingers gloves quick view

    fancy fingers gloves


  • bit chilly poncho quick view

    bit chilly poncho


  • night in nyc poncho quick view

    night in nyc poncho

    $29.99 $15.99

  • pearl embellished headband quick view

    pearl embellished headband


  • wildly cold scarf quick view

    wildly cold scarf

    $16.99 $9.99

  • leopard trimmed gloves quick view

    leopard trimmed gloves

    $12.99 $7.99

  • striped cozy socks set quick view

    striped cozy socks set


  • queen of the jungle slippers quick view

    queen of the jungle slippers


  • knot so simple headwrap quick view

    knot so simple headwrap


  • pom pom gloves quick view

    pom pom gloves


  • friday night lights poncho quick view

    friday night lights poncho

    $34.99 $17.99

Women's Cold Weather Accessories
We love it when there's a chill in the air-you have even more reason to accessorize! Versona's collection of cold weather accessories will keep you warm and cozy while staying stylish. Our women's scarves, tights, cozy socks, slippers, and gloves will keep you warm all winter long- and they make great gifts too!