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women's cold weather accessories

  • preppy plaid poncho quick view

    preppy plaid poncho


  • braided boho poncho quick view

    braided boho poncho


  • snow leopard poncho quick view

    snow leopard poncho


  • rhinestone fluff earmuffs quick view

    rhinestone fluff earmuffs


  • leopard gloves quick view

    leopard gloves


  • pom gloves quick view

    pom gloves


  • fall hues scarf quick view

    fall hues scarf


  • ready for snuggles poncho quick view

    ready for snuggles poncho


  • let`s gather poncho quick view

    let`s gather poncho


  • cozy animal print oblong scarf quick view

    cozy animal print oblong scarf


  • hoping for snow poncho quick view

    hoping for snow poncho


  • corn maze poncho quick view

    corn maze poncho


  • seeing eye to eyelash sweater quick view

    seeing eye to eyelash sweater


  • cozy feels scarf quick view

    cozy feels scarf


  • pink panther slippers quick view

    pink panther slippers


  • home body slippers quick view

    home body slippers


  • by the fireplace slippers quick view

    by the fireplace slippers


  • diamond studded gloves quick view

    diamond studded gloves


  • snuggle season oblong scarf quick view

    snuggle season oblong scarf


  • glitz and glam beanie quick view

    glitz and glam beanie


  • to infinity and faux beyond scarf quick view

    to infinity and faux beyond scarf


  • warm wishes hat scarf set quick view

    warm wishes hat scarf set


  • snow leopard beanie quick view

    snow leopard beanie


  • animal boot cuffs quick view

    animal boot cuffs


  • buttoned boot topper quick view

    buttoned boot topper


  • winery tour poncho quick view

    winery tour poncho


  • bear boot cuffs quick view

    bear boot cuffs


  • orange you cozy beanie quick view

    orange you cozy beanie


  • plaid infinity scarf quick view

    plaid infinity scarf


  • so snuggly scarf quick view

    so snuggly scarf


  • leopard print cuffed beanie quick view

    leopard print cuffed beanie


  • cinnamon pom beanie quick view

    cinnamon pom beanie


  • fall fluff beanie quick view

    fall fluff beanie


  • pearl embellished beanie quick view

    pearl embellished beanie


  • pearl embellished headwrap quick view

    pearl embellished headwrap


  • central park gloves quick view

    central park gloves


  • fancy fingers gloves quick view

    fancy fingers gloves


  • leopard trimmed glove quick view

    leopard trimmed glove


  • apple cider poncho quick view

    apple cider poncho


  • feels like fall kimono quick view

    feels like fall kimono


  • keep knit cozy poncho quick view

    keep knit cozy poncho


  • fall florals kimono quick view

    fall florals kimono


  • witch way is right kimono quick view

    witch way is right kimono


  • colors of fall scarf quick view

    colors of fall scarf


  • chilly mornings scarf quick view

    chilly mornings scarf


  • spicy and wild scarf quick view

    spicy and wild scarf


  • summer flame kimono quick view

    summer flame kimono

    $29.99 $15.99

Women's Cold Weather Accessories
We love it when there's a chill in the air-you have even more reason to accessorize! Versona's collection of cold weather accessories will keep you warm and cozy while staying stylish. Our women's scarves, tights, cozy socks, slippers, and gloves will keep you warm all winter long- and they make great gifts too!