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gifts & accessories

  • don`t hiss and tell bag quick view

    don`t hiss and tell bag


  • tie dye for clutch quick view

    tie dye for clutch


  • peony raspberry sachet set quick view

    peony raspberry sachet set


  • hydrangea peony sachet set quick view

    hydrangea peony sachet set


  • lavender vanilla sachet set quick view

    lavender vanilla sachet set


  • peony raspberry room spray quick view

    peony raspberry room spray


  • eucalyptus cucumber room spray quick view

    eucalyptus cucumber room spray


  • lavender vanilla room spray quick view

    lavender vanilla room spray


  • lavender fields candle quick view

    lavender fields candle


  • lemon verbena candle quick view

    lemon verbena candle


  • fresh cotton candle quick view

    fresh cotton candle


  • cork wristlet quick view

    cork wristlet


  • what`s the splatter clutch quick view

    what`s the splatter clutch


  • cork and metal wristlet quick view

    cork and metal wristlet


  • strolling around town poncho quick view

    strolling around town poncho


  • heart bow scrunchie quick view

    heart bow scrunchie


  • i heart my hair pins quick view

    i heart my hair pins


  • candy heart hair pins quick view

    candy heart hair pins


  • pearl`s best friend clutch quick view

    pearl`s best friend clutch


  • put a cork in it bag quick view

    put a cork in it bag


  • bee fabulous clutch quick view

    bee fabulous clutch


  • sweet as can be poncho quick view

    sweet as can be poncho


  • warm and cozy poncho quick view

    warm and cozy poncho


  • boho beaded clutch quick view

    boho beaded clutch

    $29.99 $19.99

  • snake a statement bag quick view

    snake a statement bag


  • quilted box bag quick view

    quilted box bag


  • roaring twenties clutch quick view

    roaring twenties clutch


  • beautiful blossoms scarf quick view

    beautiful blossoms scarf


  • pearls rule headband quick view

    pearls rule headband


  • not a bead idea clutch quick view

    not a bead idea clutch

    $29.99 $19.99

  • jeweled velvet headband quick view

    jeweled velvet headband


  • party time hair clips quick view

    party time hair clips


  • two of a kind satchel quick view

    two of a kind satchel

    $39.99 $26.99

  • mini crossbody bag quick view

    mini crossbody bag


  • handle the situation bag quick view

    handle the situation bag

    $29.99 $19.99

  • silver lining shoulder bag quick view

    silver lining shoulder bag


  • beaded blooms clutch quick view

    beaded blooms clutch

    $29.99 $12.99

  • pretty in pinks beaded clutch quick view

    pretty in pinks beaded clutch


  • happy holly days clutch quick view

    happy holly days clutch


  • embellished bow scrunchie quick view

    embellished bow scrunchie

    $6.99 $2.99

  • ribbed scrunchie set quick view

    ribbed scrunchie set


  • sherpa slipper socks quick view

    sherpa slipper socks

    $11.99 $2.99

  • dark velvet scrunchie set quick view

    dark velvet scrunchie set


  • quilted wristlet quick view

    quilted wristlet


  • wine shaggy cowl scarf quick view

    wine shaggy cowl scarf

    $14.99 $4.99

  • itty bitty scrunchie set quick view

    itty bitty scrunchie set


  • basic wristlet quick view

    basic wristlet

    $14.99 $6.99

  • gingerbread bunny bath fizz quick view

    gingerbread bunny bath fizz

    $3.99 $1.99