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  • corded statement necklace quick view

    corded statement necklace


  • oval animal earrings quick view

    oval animal earrings


  • double v earrings quick view

    double v earrings

    $7.99 $4.99

  • statement rounded ring quick view

    statement rounded ring


  • double sided brick necklace quick view

    double sided brick necklace


  • santa puff earrings quick view

    santa puff earrings


  • precious pendant necklace quick view

    precious pendant necklace


  • rhinestone link earrings quick view

    rhinestone link earrings


  • metal link bracelet quick view

    metal link bracelet


  • hey boo earrings quick view

    hey boo earrings


  • shimmy skeleton earrings quick view

    shimmy skeleton earrings


  • midnight star earrings quick view

    midnight star earrings


  • clay chandelier earrings quick view

    clay chandelier earrings


  • matte marbled disc necklace quick view

    matte marbled disc necklace


  • meet me in the metal necklace quick view

    meet me in the metal necklace


  • colorful chain necklace quick view

    colorful chain necklace

    $17.99 $2.99

  • semi pendant necklace quick view

    semi pendant necklace


  • glam hoop earrings quick view

    glam hoop earrings


  • stretch statement bracelet set quick view

    stretch statement bracelet set


  • statement chain earrings quick view

    statement chain earrings