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  • layered bead statement necklace quick view

    layered bead statement necklace

    $12.99 to $24.99

  • ruffled statement earrings quick view

    ruffled statement earrings


  • shell pendant necklace quick view

    shell pendant necklace


  • summer statement earrings quick view

    summer statement earrings


  • beaded statement necklace quick view

    beaded statement necklace

    $24.99 $12.99

  • golden stone necklace quick view

    golden stone necklace


  • rounded fringe earrings quick view

    rounded fringe earrings


  • sparkle stone statement earrings quick view

    sparkle stone statement earrings


  • speckled lucite bangle set quick view

    speckled lucite bangle set


  • wooden bib necklace quick view

    wooden bib necklace

    $19.99 $5.99

  • printed medallion earrings quick view

    printed medallion earrings


  • printed wood earrings quick view

    printed wood earrings


  • beaded statement hoop earrings quick view

    beaded statement hoop earrings


  • threaded hoop earrings quick view

    threaded hoop earrings


  • havana hoop earrings quick view

    havana hoop earrings


  • vintage rhinestone necklace quick view

    vintage rhinestone necklace

    $24.99 $6.99

  • bit of bling necklace quick view

    bit of bling necklace


  • resin swirl ring quick view

    resin swirl ring


  • linear pearl earrings quick view

    linear pearl earrings


  • druzy pendant necklace quick view

    druzy pendant necklace


  • gold bib necklace quick view

    gold bib necklace


  • oversized tassel earrings quick view

    oversized tassel earrings


  • rhinestone fan earrings quick view

    rhinestone fan earrings


  • feather and tassel earrings quick view

    feather and tassel earrings


  • tropical fringe earrings quick view

    tropical fringe earrings


  • wood and gold circle necklace quick view

    wood and gold circle necklace


  • dangling tassel hoop earrings quick view

    dangling tassel hoop earrings


  • gold sunburst earrings quick view

    gold sunburst earrings


  • etched metal bangle set quick view

    etched metal bangle set

    $6.99 to $11.99

  • natural beauty earrings quick view

    natural beauty earrings


  • rhinestone fringe earrings quick view

    rhinestone fringe earrings


  • statement sphere earrings quick view

    statement sphere earrings


  • lavender wood necklace quick view

    lavender wood necklace


  • colorful coil bracelet quick view

    colorful coil bracelet


  • tear pendant necklace quick view

    tear pendant necklace