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women's sweaters

  • sailing away sweater tank quick view

    sailing away sweater tank


  • an all star sweater quick view

    an all star sweater


  • sunny sweater tank quick view

    sunny sweater tank


  • polka dot party sweater quick view

    polka dot party sweater


  • caché ribbed sweater tank quick view

    caché ribbed sweater tank


  • playing tricks top quick view

    playing tricks top


  • one fine crochet cardigan quick view

    one fine crochet cardigan


  • caché crossfront sweater tank quick view

    caché crossfront sweater tank


  • new beginnings top quick view

    new beginnings top


  • skipping a beat cardigan quick view

    skipping a beat cardigan


  • soft whisper sweater quick view

    soft whisper sweater


  • excuse the mesh sweater quick view

    excuse the mesh sweater


  • simply irresistible sweater quick view

    simply irresistible sweater


  • hot to trot top quick view

    hot to trot top


  • half the fun tank quick view

    half the fun tank


  • looping you in cardi quick view

    looping you in cardi


  • cool getaway sweater tank quick view

    cool getaway sweater tank

    $34.99 $22.99

  • makeover session cardigan quick view

    makeover session cardigan


  • in a snap bodysuit quick view

    in a snap bodysuit


  • cotton candy sweater quick view

    cotton candy sweater

    $34.99 $22.99

  • time after time sweater quick view

    time after time sweater


  • going halfsies cardigan quick view

    going halfsies cardigan


  • green goddess sweater quick view

    green goddess sweater


  • perfect blend sweater quick view

    perfect blend sweater

    $34.99 $22.99

  • check mate sweater quick view

    check mate sweater

    $34.99 $22.99

  • mixed messages cardigan quick view

    mixed messages cardigan

    $39.99 $11.99

  • love you knot sweater quick view

    love you knot sweater

    $34.99 $9.99

  • so long winter vest quick view

    so long winter vest

    $39.99 $26.99

  • crochet it isn`t so sweater quick view

    crochet it isn`t so sweater


  • ruffle sheer sleeve sweater quick view

    ruffle sheer sleeve sweater


  • adore you sweater quick view

    adore you sweater


  • daisies for days sweater quick view

    daisies for days sweater


  • it`s the little things sweater quick view

    it`s the little things sweater

    $12.99 to $29.99

  • hooked on you sweater quick view

    hooked on you sweater

    $39.99 $17.99

  • heart`s content sweater quick view

    heart`s content sweater

    $39.99 $11.99

  • color me happy sweater quick view

    color me happy sweater

    $39.99 $17.99

  • here for the party sweater quick view

    here for the party sweater

    $39.99 $10.99

  • party`s poppin` sweater quick view

    party`s poppin` sweater

    $39.99 $10.99

  • cross my heart sweater quick view

    cross my heart sweater


  • cafe au lait sweater quick view

    cafe au lait sweater


  • away in aspen sweater quick view

    away in aspen sweater


  • in stitches sweater quick view

    in stitches sweater


  • be mine tunic sweater quick view

    be mine tunic sweater

    $39.99 $10.99

  • wild about you sweater quick view

    wild about you sweater

    $39.99 $11.99

  • popping petals sweater quick view

    popping petals sweater

    $34.99 $14.99

  • easy does it sweater quick view

    easy does it sweater

    $10.99 to $39.99

  • snow cream sweater quick view

    snow cream sweater


  • sunday best sweater quick view

    sunday best sweater

    $34.99 $22.99

Lightweight sweaters make for the perfect transitional piece. There's simply nothing more perfect than a having a lightweight sweater to throw on during the chilly summer nights. Versona’s lightweight cardigans and pullovers offer functionality and style to your #ootd.  We even have short-sleeved tops with a sweater fabrication for a cozy woven style that layers well with jackets. Style your sweater with a blouse or a tee-shirt along with a pair of distressed jeans or shorts and one of our grab-and-go crossbody bags for that girl-next-door inspired style. Bring your favorite summer dresses into fall by layering a cropped sweater over them for a transitional look you'll adore.