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fashion jewelry

  • delicate y-necklace quick view

    delicate y-necklace


  • classic chain necklace set quick view

    classic chain necklace set


  • god is within her necklace set quick view

    god is within her necklace set


  • dainty gold earring set quick view

    dainty gold earring set


  • dainty chain necklace quick view

    dainty chain necklace


  • dainty beaded chain necklace quick view

    dainty beaded chain necklace


  • threaded semi hoop earrings quick view

    threaded semi hoop earrings


  • pearl fringe necklace quick view

    pearl fringe necklace


  • pearl link earrings quick view

    pearl link earrings


  • beaded fringe earrings quick view

    beaded fringe earrings


  • beaded tassel necklace quick view

    beaded tassel necklace


  • metal dreamcatcher earrings quick view

    metal dreamcatcher earrings


  • crystal tear earrings quick view

    crystal tear earrings


  • dainty layered necklace quick view

    dainty layered necklace


  • layered choker necklace quick view

    layered choker necklace


  • fiesta bead clover earring quick view

    fiesta bead clover earring


  • fiesta bead earrings quick view

    fiesta bead earrings


  • wooden pebble necklace quick view

    wooden pebble necklace


  • wooden cluster earrings quick view

    wooden cluster earrings


  • open heart necklace quick view

    open heart necklace


  • pearly heart earrings quick view

    pearly heart earrings


  • clustered pearl hoop earrings quick view

    clustered pearl hoop earrings


  • hammered hoop earrings quick view

    hammered hoop earrings


  • hammered metal necklace quick view

    hammered metal necklace


  • statement seed bead necklace quick view

    statement seed bead necklace


  • delicate y necklace quick view

    delicate y necklace


  • tear and hoop pendant necklace quick view

    tear and hoop pendant necklace


  • pendant necklace trio quick view

    pendant necklace trio


  • scalloped hoop earrings quick view

    scalloped hoop earrings


  • half moon earrings quick view

    half moon earrings


  • mixed metal pendant necklace quick view

    mixed metal pendant necklace


  • metal chain and pendant necklace quick view

    metal chain and pendant necklace


  • linear acrylic earrings quick view

    linear acrylic earrings


  • crochet earrings quick view

    crochet earrings


  • wood and lucite squoval earrings quick view

    wood and lucite squoval earrings


  • filigree dangle earrings quick view

    filigree dangle earrings


  • hammered heart earrings quick view

    hammered heart earrings


  • textured hoop earrings quick view

    textured hoop earrings


  • beaded crescent earrings quick view

    beaded crescent earrings


  • oversized shaky earrings quick view

    oversized shaky earrings


  • tell me y necklace quick view

    tell me y necklace

    $14.99 $7.99

  • dainty double pendant necklace quick view

    dainty double pendant necklace


  • heart hoop earrings quick view

    heart hoop earrings


  • colorful crystal necklace quick view

    colorful crystal necklace


  • colorful beaded necklace quick view

    colorful beaded necklace


  • bead beauty ring pendant necklace quick view

    bead beauty ring pendant necklace


  • earthy elements necklace quick view

    earthy elements necklace


  • glass pendant necklace quick view

    glass pendant necklace