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women's occasion jewelry

  • rhinestone burst earrings quick view

    rhinestone burst earrings


  • oversized tear earrings quick view

    oversized tear earrings


  • tiered diamond earrings quick view

    tiered diamond earrings


  • wavy bling earrings quick view

    wavy bling earrings


  • dipped gold earrings quick view

    dipped gold earrings


  • hammered metal earrings quick view

    hammered metal earrings


  • rainfall rhinestone earrings quick view

    rainfall rhinestone earrings


  • rhinestone doorknocker earrings quick view

    rhinestone doorknocker earrings


  • rhinestone link earrings quick view

    rhinestone link earrings


  • pearl post clip on earrings quick view

    Online Exclusive

    pearl post clip on earrings


  • chain and pearl necklace quick view

    chain and pearl necklace


  • bling web earrings quick view

    bling web earrings


  • post pearl earrings quick view

    post pearl earrings


  • pearl threader earrings quick view

    pearl threader earrings


  • chain earrings quick view

    chain earrings


  • 18k colorful baguette hoop earrings quick view

    18k colorful baguette hoop earrings


  • lucite bling earrings quick view

    lucite bling earrings


  • rhinestone fringe earrings quick view

    rhinestone fringe earrings


  • beaded link earrings quick view

    beaded link earrings


  • seed beaded fringe earrings quick view

    seed beaded fringe earrings


  • mod chain and fringe earrings quick view

    mod chain and fringe earrings


  • rhinestone cuff bracelet quick view

    rhinestone cuff bracelet


  • sparkle fringe jewelry set quick view

    sparkle fringe jewelry set


  • stone fringe earrings quick view

    stone fringe earrings


  • beaded fringe necklace quick view

    beaded fringe necklace


  • fringe rhinestone earrings quick view

    fringe rhinestone earrings


  • knotted stacking bracelet quick view

    knotted stacking bracelet


  • pearl charm necklace quick view

    pearl charm necklace


  • pink pearl earrings quick view

    pink pearl earrings


  • beaded pearl bracelet quick view

    beaded pearl bracelet


  • hoop and bar earrings quick view

    hoop and bar earrings


  • linear bling earrings quick view

    linear bling earrings


  • tiered sparkle earrings quick view

    tiered sparkle earrings


  • beaded gold bracelet quick view

    beaded gold bracelet


  • mixed metal bracelet quick view

    mixed metal bracelet


  • rhinestone metal bracelet quick view

    rhinestone metal bracelet


  • sparkle floral jewelry set quick view

    sparkle floral jewelry set

    $17.99 $9.99

  • gold floral layered necklace quick view

    gold floral layered necklace


  • wired cuff bracelet quick view

    wired cuff bracelet


  • sparkly chain earrings quick view

    sparkly chain earrings


  • dramatic tier earrings quick view

    dramatic tier earrings


  • blingy y necklace quick view

    blingy y necklace


  • natural pearl anklet quick view

    natural pearl anklet

    $9.99 $5.99

  • rhinestone ring quick view

    rhinestone ring


  • mixed chain necklace quick view

    mixed chain necklace

    $14.99 $7.99

  • pretty pave ring quick view

    pretty pave ring


  • delicate stone bracelet quick view

    delicate stone bracelet

    $6.99 to $11.99

  • crystal charm earrings quick view

    crystal charm earrings


Occasion Jewelry
Who doesn't love playing dress-up? Whether you're dressing up for an upcoming dance, a wedding, or heading out for a fun night with the girls, Versona has the occasion jewelry pieces you need to add a little extra sparkle to your style. Along with your occasion jewelry, add a pair of heels and a stylish clutch to your look for a head to toe formal feel.