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fashion jewelry

  • bumble bee anklet quick view

    bumble bee anklet


  • ball and chain choker quick view

    ball and chain choker


  • evil eye pendant necklace quick view

    evil eye pendant necklace


  • blingy y necklace quick view

    blingy y necklace


  • fringe rhinestone earrings quick view

    fringe rhinestone earrings


  • sparkle tear earrings quick view

    sparkle tear earrings


  • glam bib necklace quick view

    glam bib necklace


  • dramatic tier earrings quick view

    dramatic tier earrings


  • organic glam earrings quick view

    organic glam earrings


  • pearl and chain anklet quick view

    pearl and chain anklet


  • long layered disc necklace quick view

    long layered disc necklace


  • bold boho earrings quick view

    bold boho earrings


  • raffia tear earrings quick view

    raffia tear earrings


  • watercolor charm earrings quick view

    watercolor charm earrings


  • moroccan inspired earrings quick view

    moroccan inspired earrings

    $9.99 $5.99

  • beaded layering necklace quick view

    beaded layering necklace

    $14.99 $7.99

  • thin metal earrings quick view

    thin metal earrings


  • triangular metal earrings quick view

    triangular metal earrings

    $7.99 $4.99

  • basic hoop earrings quick view

    basic hoop earrings


  • oblong thin hoop earrings quick view

    oblong thin hoop earrings


  • rhinestone ring quick view

    rhinestone ring


  • crossover ring quick view

    crossover ring


  • lobe savers quick view

    lobe savers


  • dainty arm candy set quick view

    dainty arm candy set


  • k initial necklace quick view

    k initial necklace


  • j initial necklace quick view

    j initial necklace


  • s initial necklace quick view

    s initial necklace


  • c initial necklace quick view

    c initial necklace


  • a initial necklace quick view

    a initial necklace


  • m initial necklace quick view

    m initial necklace


  • agate charm necklace quick view

    agate charm necklace


  • layered shell necklace quick view

    layered shell necklace


  • double moon necklace quick view

    double moon necklace


  • lucite pendant necklace quick view

    lucite pendant necklace


  • layered tassel necklace quick view

    layered tassel necklace


  • neutral beaded necklace quick view

    neutral beaded necklace


  • y neck pendant necklace quick view

    y neck pendant necklace


  • brushed beaded necklace quick view

    brushed beaded necklace


  • rosy pendant necklace quick view

    rosy pendant necklace

    $14.99 $7.99

  • layered metal necklace quick view

    layered metal necklace


  • orbit pendant necklace quick view

    orbit pendant necklace

    $14.99 $7.99

  • golden shell anklet quick view

    golden shell anklet


  • wooden anklet quick view

    wooden anklet


  • dangly anklet quick view

    dangly anklet


  • cross charm anklet quick view

    cross charm anklet


  • love anklet quick view

    love anklet


  • gold chain anklet quick view

    gold chain anklet


  • she believed she could pendant necklace quick view

    Online Exclusive

    she believed she could pendant necklace