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fashion jewelry

  • half moon pendant necklace quick view

    half moon pendant necklace


  • crackle lucite pendant necklace quick view

    crackle lucite pendant necklace


  • wood shell swag necklace quick view

    wood shell swag necklace


  • layered coin necklace quick view

    layered coin necklace


  • star chain necklace quick view

    star chain necklace


  • lucite and faux suede necklace quick view

    lucite and faux suede necklace


  • gold and black statement necklace quick view

    gold and black statement necklace


  • a solid statement necklace quick view

    a solid statement necklace


  • multi circle pendant necklace quick view

    multi circle pendant necklace


  • hammered pendant necklace quick view

    hammered pendant necklace

    $4.99 to $14.99

  • rainbow bling ring quick view

    rainbow bling ring


  • square stretch ring quick view

    square stretch ring


  • glitzy faux leather bracelet quick view

    glitzy faux leather bracelet


  • dancing tassel earrings quick view

    dancing tassel earrings


  • strappy metallic faux leather bracelet quick view

    strappy metallic faux leather bracelet


  • sparkling stone chandelier earrings quick view

    sparkling stone chandelier earrings


  • star stretch bracelet set quick view

    star stretch bracelet set


  • stone stretch bracelet quick view

    stone stretch bracelet


  • halloween charm bracelet quick view

    halloween charm bracelet


  • to the point tassel earrings quick view

    to the point tassel earrings


  • tasseled crystal bead earrings quick view

    tasseled crystal bead earrings


  • glittered double star earrings quick view

    glittered double star earrings


  • statement ring quick view

    statement ring

    $11.99 $2.99

  • stacked wooden bracelet set quick view

    stacked wooden bracelet set


  • glam chain bracelet quick view

    glam chain bracelet


  • glitter lucite hoop earrings quick view

    glitter lucite hoop earrings


  • octagon snake textured earrings quick view

    octagon snake textured earrings


  • black and gold magnetic bracelet quick view

    black and gold magnetic bracelet


  • glitter pumpkin earrings quick view

    glitter pumpkin earrings


  • spooky season earrings quick view

    spooky season earrings


  • hey boo earrings quick view

    hey boo earrings


  • web of lies earrings quick view

    web of lies earrings


  • shimmy skeleton earrings quick view

    shimmy skeleton earrings


  • jack-o-lantern earrings quick view

    jack-o-lantern earrings


  • thread tasseled hoop earrings quick view

    thread tasseled hoop earrings


  • statement clip earrings quick view

    statement clip earrings


  • beaded crystal necklace quick view

    beaded crystal necklace


  • blingy halo bracelet quick view

    blingy halo bracelet

    $14.99 $7.99

  • lucite statement bracelet quick view

    lucite statement bracelet

    $14.99 $4.99

  • faux leather and metal snap bracelet quick view

    faux leather and metal snap bracelet


  • textured tear shaped earrings quick view

    textured tear shaped earrings


  • shiny shell earrings quick view

    shiny shell earrings


  • moonlight hoop earrings quick view

    moonlight hoop earrings


  • wooden spot on earrings quick view

    wooden spot on earrings


  • raining chain earrings quick view

    raining chain earrings


  • gem huggie hoop earrings quick view

    gem huggie hoop earrings


  • party animal earrings quick view

    party animal earrings


  • fun fringe earrings quick view

    fun fringe earrings