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fashion jewelry

  • layered beaded bib necklace quick view

    layered beaded bib necklace


  • layered bar necklace quick view

    layered bar necklace


  • chain locket necklace quick view

    chain locket necklace


  • cross pendant gift box quick view

    cross pendant gift box


  • oval statement ring quick view

    oval statement ring


  • statement stone ring quick view

    statement stone ring


  • essential hoop earrings quick view

    essential hoop earrings


  • blessed bracelet gift set quick view

    blessed bracelet gift set


  • triple ring pendant necklace quick view

    triple ring pendant necklace


  • sparkly heart y-necklace quick view

    sparkly heart y-necklace

    $17.99 $9.99

  • dainty heart link pendant necklace quick view

    dainty heart link pendant necklace


  • star chain necklace quick view

    star chain necklace

    $17.99 $5.99

  • silver pearl necklace quick view

    silver pearl necklace


  • mini chandelier earrings quick view

    mini chandelier earrings


  • metal tassel necklace quick view

    metal tassel necklace


  • mod chunky hoop earrings quick view

    mod chunky hoop earrings


  • metal fringe earrings quick view

    metal fringe earrings


  • bow earrings quick view

    bow earrings


  • chunky metal hoop earrings quick view

    chunky metal hoop earrings


  • classic hoop earrings quick view

    classic hoop earrings


  • sparkly snowflake earrings quick view

    sparkly snowflake earrings


  • holiday glam earrings quick view

    holiday glam earrings

    $14.99 $7.99

  • skinny metal hoop earrings quick view

    skinny metal hoop earrings


  • braided bangle set quick view

    braided bangle set


  • blingy ring set quick view

    blingy ring set


  • brushed tube hoop earrings quick view

    brushed tube hoop earrings


  • dazzling diamond earrings quick view

    dazzling diamond earrings

    $14.99 $7.99

  • cuban link ring quick view

    cuban link ring


  • thin cuff bracelet quick view

    thin cuff bracelet


  • thin metal hoops quick view

    thin metal hoops


  • wavy stud earrings quick view

    wavy stud earrings


  • dainty stud earring set quick view

    dainty stud earring set


  • i do ring set quick view

    i do ring set


  • lucite coil bracelet quick view

    lucite coil bracelet


  • embellished kite earrings quick view

    embellished kite earrings


  • grey earring gift set quick view

    grey earring gift set


  • glitter goals earring set quick view

    glitter goals earring set


  • metal tribal earrings quick view

    metal tribal earrings


  • mini twist hoop earrings quick view

    mini twist hoop earrings


  • all that glimmers hoop earrings quick view

    all that glimmers hoop earrings


  • glam hoop earrings quick view

    glam hoop earrings


  • pearl rhinestone flex bracelet quick view

    pearl rhinestone flex bracelet


  • metal sun earrings quick view

    metal sun earrings

    $9.99 $5.99

  • tear pendant jewelry set quick view

    tear pendant jewelry set


  • brushed bar earrings quick view

    brushed bar earrings


  • romancing the stone earrings quick view

    romancing the stone earrings


  • wavy bling earrings quick view

    wavy bling earrings

    $14.99 $7.99

  • fancy pearl earrings quick view

    fancy pearl earrings