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fashion jewelry

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  • fancy flower bib necklace quick view

    fancy flower bib necklace


  • seedbead bib necklace quick view

    seedbead bib necklace


  • multi circle pendant necklace quick view

    multi circle pendant necklace


  • americana pendant necklace quick view

    americana pendant necklace


  • beaded lucite tassel necklace quick view

    beaded lucite tassel necklace


  • feather tassel earrings quick view

    feather tassel earrings


  • tear pendant necklace quick view

    tear pendant necklace


  • hammered pendant necklace quick view

    hammered pendant necklace


  • suede tassel necklace quick view

    suede tassel necklace

    $9.99 to $17.99

  • beaded friendship bracelet set quick view

    beaded friendship bracelet set


  • spring sparkle ring quick view

    spring sparkle ring


  • rosy ring set quick view

    rosy ring set


  • flower power ring set quick view

    flower power ring set


  • laffy taffy earrings quick view

    laffy taffy earrings


  • rainbow lucite earrings quick view

    rainbow lucite earrings


  • rose statement ring quick view

    rose statement ring


  • rainbow fringe earrings quick view

    rainbow fringe earrings


  • think pink hoop earrings quick view

    think pink hoop earrings


  • wood and bead bracelet set quick view

    wood and bead bracelet set


  • beaded metal bangle set quick view

    beaded metal bangle set

    $14.99 $7.99

  • fringe tassel earrings quick view

    fringe tassel earrings


  • glitter cuff bracelet quick view

    glitter cuff bracelet

    $14.99 $4.99

  • colorful bracelet set quick view

    colorful bracelet set

    $14.99 $7.99

  • rainbow bracelet set quick view

    rainbow bracelet set

    $9.99 $5.99

  • sequin stretch bracelet set quick view

    sequin stretch bracelet set


  • raffia statement earrings quick view

    raffia statement earrings


  • small fringe earrings quick view

    small fringe earrings


  • lucite donut earrings quick view

    lucite donut earrings


  • resin tear earrings quick view

    resin tear earrings


  • threaded hoop earrings quick view

    threaded hoop earrings


  • statement sphere earrings quick view

    statement sphere earrings

    $14.99 $7.99

  • tiny gold stud set quick view

    tiny gold stud set


  • square glass button earrings quick view

    square glass button earrings


  • oversized tassel earrings quick view

    oversized tassel earrings


  • dangling tassel hoop earrings quick view

    dangling tassel hoop earrings