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fashion jewelry

  • leopard jewelry set quick view

    leopard jewelry set


  • layered vertical bar necklace quick view

    layered vertical bar necklace


  • shaky gold disc necklace quick view

    shaky gold disc necklace


  • triple layered necklace quick view

    triple layered necklace


  • textured layered pendant necklace quick view

    textured layered pendant necklace


  • layered bar pendant necklace set quick view

    layered bar pendant necklace set


  • rhinestone pendant necklace quick view

    rhinestone pendant necklace


  • pearl and tassel corded choker quick view

    pearl and tassel corded choker

    $17.99 $5.99

  • round laser cut earrings quick view

    round laser cut earrings


  • my bamboo thing bangles quick view

    my bamboo thing bangles


  • natural stone cocktail ring quick view

    natural stone cocktail ring


  • cluster burst earrings quick view

    cluster burst earrings


  • resin ring set quick view

    resin ring set


  • wooden bangle set quick view

    wooden bangle set


  • flirty fringe earrings quick view

    flirty fringe earrings


  • silver ring set quick view

    silver ring set


  • clock strikes twelve earrings quick view

    clock strikes twelve earrings


  • statement beaded earrings quick view

    statement beaded earrings


  • wood and resin bangle set quick view

    wood and resin bangle set


  • down to the wire ring quick view

    down to the wire ring


  • wide open cuff bracelet quick view

    wide open cuff bracelet


  • lucite tear earrings quick view

    lucite tear earrings


  • mod bangle bracelet quick view

    mod bangle bracelet


  • circular lucite earrings quick view

    circular lucite earrings


  • swirl heart earrings quick view

    swirl heart earrings


  • mod metal bangle set quick view

    mod metal bangle set


  • shiny holiday earrings quick view

    shiny holiday earrings


  • lucite geo earrings quick view

    lucite geo earrings


  • beaded tie bracelet quick view

    beaded tie bracelet


  • tear pendant jewelry set quick view

    tear pendant jewelry set


  • Medallion Fringe Earrings quick view

    Medallion Fringe Earrings

    $9.99 $5.99

  • lucite stripe earrings quick view

    lucite stripe earrings


  • vintage gold bangle set quick view

    vintage gold bangle set


  • glitter bar earrings quick view

    glitter bar earrings


  • tort bangle set quick view

    tort bangle set


  • semi lucite earrings quick view

    semi lucite earrings

    $9.99 $5.99

  • stone cuff bracelet quick view

    stone cuff bracelet


  • rhinestone fringe earrings quick view

    rhinestone fringe earrings


  • lucite and gold earrings quick view

    lucite and gold earrings


  • amazing grace strappy leather bracelet quick view

    amazing grace strappy leather bracelet


  • floral tassel earrings quick view

    floral tassel earrings


  • blue wooden bangle quick view

    blue wooden bangle


  • beaded heart earrings quick view

    beaded heart earrings


  • statement bling earrings quick view

    statement bling earrings


  • with you always bangle quick view

    with you always bangle


  • i can pendant bangle quick view

    i can pendant bangle


  • i heart you earrings quick view

    i heart you earrings


  • embellished tear earrings quick view

    embellished tear earrings

    $11.99 $6.99